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The functions of body ordnances –written by regardless Devon victory

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The functions of body ordnances –written by regardless Devon victory

The problem is this adjacent, until the next maneuver make at which this is a great time to endure the real logic’s of spiritual realms. I understand education but the pertinacious unwillingness in some is the human behavior goal just so probable that the veins of man really just need to understand their selves and do not put so much protastic nature on their e.s.p.

However, the extra sensory is the back wall for some who cannot denigh. However, I practice absent healing in some purgatory to not hurt; these relevant notes might in the ending make someone get on in toward a level of keen since. That in which masters the frequency of brain modules, that’s at the destitution of the berastic goals of the Egyptians but then brung into middle English this, so propellish that - could have spiritual genocide sending people to their straight jacket, and begging that septicemia will not be a part.

However, we can help each other threw graphs of the monocle equation which persist at the realm of each individual weather living or dead. This includes the pheromones, hormones and chromosome not just chromosome but even the X chromosome. We recollect that the dubious sanctions might not even really be real the only promote the ways of the land into gentilia.but I revert into the past of the ethical condemn this is not just underrated it is took'n out or should I say aback.

Just because you have to follow rules doesn’t mean you really should some morals are on the level of unearth prophecy victory regardless of that I think that we need to understand general practice more...

I have created in this schedule the law’s of realm, the laws of invisibility and the laws of telling. Now in this forecast I’ll explain what each law means on a diatonic scale, this scale has 40 levels which are all helpful and remarkable in their own ways I can break this down as,i can even though my mind won’t let me see the prevaricated measures….

The laws of realm consist of the logics of growing the first logic is body, now on the laternal merths of body; you have reality level, which is number one on the 40 scale levels. Once it is that your body is formed it becomes property of the spirits in which a way, the spirits watch and control the ethical carnesian in the body module- the body module is the phyruss, the legentus and the carnessa.The ethical carnessian is the human body form in of a way of clairvoyance when some supplistic morals are bridged carteave..(car-tev)

The phyruss: is the part inside of us that never legislates the fact that we are us as the human form even if the laws of realms states something different, this is the divine diversion of human never blaming a spirit as controlling them, their contoskey is they control their self.

In lieu of several facts the phyruss is not to be looked over it’s the understanding of principle morals and values it’s the genesis of life where we have choices and morals and goals and where it is that blame, blame coma’s in hand which we’ll call the blataerea (blugh-tare-ree-yah)...because even if some say it’s like the devil is controlling him they still have to go with the logics of blataera putting a physical being as the one that was saw and or involved, now that we see the gothic prophecy in the French adverbs the Norwegian apparently takes control of the afther effects of the phyruss….

Now we go into the explanations’ of the legentus(la-gent-tuss)the lagentus is the way we believe and feel pain it’s the way we feel love, trust and anything else that the body and or mind can feel..Even when or body dies this is still based on the legentus now the legentus have several barriers. Laternal merths is how we act and believe in things being kind hearted, telling things that we see, staying quiet while people argue, also criminal behavior.
The several barriers of the legentus are:

Barrier 1: The prospect barrier
Barrier 2: The appariation
Barrier 3: The logic barrier
Barrier 4: The emotional barrier

Now we can see into the frequent endure of the premodest addiction, the four com plotches in the order array of logic.This next grace is in the morals of the slander this is way back in B.C. before Christ, and now the trust, - that’s the forlorn is the prospect as the agenda turns into the property of the crescent level. This is where the modifications is indulge into the yeobola the French term which started from English. This is the frequent ladders we all most posses, if we don’t’ posses we become possed in a different kind of belief, doesn’t necessarily has to be bad but revolves around our deta tuna…

Now that the real descion is on the human, you use denials we only watch the sacrifices but first let me give a briefing on the 40 scale levels.

80 scale p2 1 = the reality level 80 scale J6 11= the prophecy level
80 scale p4 2 = the possessive level 80 scale Hy 12 =the contempt level
80 scale r5 3 = the acquaintance level 80 scale Hy 13= The undercover level
80 scale K7 4 = the forlorn level 80 scale hU 14=the emotional level
80 scale H7 5 = the episodial level 80 scale Ht 15 = The dream level
80 scale p6 6 = the misplaced level 80 scale JR 16= the bridge level
80 scale p5 7 =The acrobatic level 80 scale Jt 17 = The happy level
80 scale 75 8 = the gregarious level 80 scale FF 18= the fraternity level
80 scale G4 9 = The temperament level 80scale Hy 19= The complicated level
80 scale H5 10= The congenital level 80 scale MK 20= The remorse level

80 scale p2 21 = The complex level 80 scale J6 31 = The handled level
80 scale p4 22 = The virtual level 80 scale Hy 32 = The privileged level
80 scale r5 23 = The friend level 80 scale Hy 33 = The wrong level
80 scale K7 24 = The captured level 80 scale hU 34 =The foul level
80 scale H7 25 = the uneven level 80 scale Ht 35 = The dream and dream level
80 scale p6 26 = the even level 80 scale JR 36= the false level
80 scale p5 27 =the distinguished level80 scale Jt 37 = the happy until level
80 scale 75 28 = the profile level 80 scale FF 38= the fratricide level
80 scale G4 29 = the bravo level 80scale Hy 39= the helium level
80 scale H5 30= the perplex level 80 scale MK 40= The blood level

The prospect of the realm tells the truth to if we have many bad dreams while were dead, it divides if we feel , we’re in a fuller life where this life doesn’t need to be called dreams while we’re dead, it also revolves around if we have a lot of bad dreams while were living. This is the emotions of us this is the conceptual belief that we owe ourselves to see into that divine nature as we exemplify what the,worlds plutonic viles, hold. This is the way the adorations expect it to be the phyruss - will be graphically what’s not seen reaching that perplex level will be possible for the Cartesian to pick which dream they had which thought capsules we’re really real the adjacent spark as we spoke of in the first line of this reading.

We won’t noterious(no-tear-re-us) bounds in our life, how do we get around theses frolic’s that are redertia, that could coherst the epidemic? I could collaterally guess the next yield and come into the blood level. It’s the revelate vertocious glass that free’s us from our indignant pit that one goal that could get us to the remorse level trying the 80 scale of a g4; could bet you more critique or something so palisade that this is gourtesque but I think the heterogenis, is the plutonic, tonic not just the tonic, plutonic but the tonic tonic, and descendent not only drink that’s just possible of number 11 the prophecy level.

When we commence ourselves to the parkway of non bigamist games we revelate into the lateral sense this is the sense that makes us not want to look into anything bad; this is the sense where we never felt bad and then the spirit shows contempt to how you we’re always bad, this is the conjunction of behavior modification we’ll reduce or we’ll keep the grease, the grease is not what we won’t that is for the grease runs at the restaurants.

But what we do want is a divine experience with in ourselves that never gets us to a heart attack or stroke it is the realizing of natural causes the understanding of how many things all humans go through at least once it is the understanding, the natural cause of if you get to close to fire you burn, if you get a but whopping you cry; that is the natural cause in that; the natural cause of if you type into a key board the fonts are supposed to naturally show because of the way the education is..
Now we all have things that we have to obey the laws of gravity I reckon that I would levitate wrong if I didn’t, I would become the extinction moral as myself, if I didn’t realize there was another life realm this is the eschatology within us and every one.

I redertia the choncology of the epidermis this permistic hall of realms could be the degrit but thwart are thy name could change into the next wave of the land where the land is the vernay and the air masses is the that these two are away they most collide and meet this feat could destroy many nations at one time which could cause the first serminaseipa shocks (sir-ma-nance-ce-ep-a) but in reality this logic just explained is not real because the air and land is of one but the detession of the holographs could regroup the next courteer but that selective heap could pulsate into the top moral which are on the contempt level but we don’t have to collide the worst endeavors for thy nature will be in-thine heart if the air so decides this is the real fog and the gravity is blessed….

The morals of peer pressure so solitude in this now state of paranoia it must be some kind of educational dementions in which it lays the differential function, the amplitude of this Christian ability is still included. The anti-sphere is relatively equipped in the realm’s of heaven and hell, in which the prosperous condition could be in the nature of the gravity which includes all parasites(someone that lives and eat by another) this municipal game is really easy to stenogrha'lize its in when that the sondalance promotes the lance commotion. If we could materialize the propaganda to understand every man at the same time would it be justified, victory regardless of the mahoganistic gamble.

In reality the solicitous reality is unaware of the devil equipped so it would be needed to find source within yourself to believe in this drastic, compel ‘ion called destruction but the amplitude would soon be the change that was needed. The revolutionary brick would be the water run high on support to help the less functionable, but I could easily read the graphs of plutonic render. Now let’s be this conjunction that could make sure that frenetic are a thing of the simplistic calling of our creator, this is the ultra violet but that generous breast of eloping could now react to the chain reactions if we had the retash but that red light may be the green.

These days of torture to some may be revealed to a higher prodigy, this made belief so now that the 80 scales are only in the cycle the laws of reality permit the understanding of paranostic this paranastic could be the reason why the children of the world revole,the revolve is in the container that’s been filtered in the recast this promiscuous calling could be the earth quake of mother nature the nature is of the world wind that we don’t want to be inside of us, if we could ratification the re'dention this would propel the other four'ty in the eighty scale so the entrance permitted into the reality is understanding the belief of manmade laws.

This time forward of the evolution this could be in the acrobatic level of the scale meaning do we take flips into different turbulences, or do we be the turbalances.This could be considered veil if the prevail longitude becomes the source of pertinacious strength this could be the gregarious level. This level persist of well equipped g4 9 this g4 9 in temperaments is the strength of genteel but how in thy nature go against your own kind this is not what I’m allowing the pheromones in this contempt are the maneuvers the spiritual passes of believing you feel someone looking at you. This could easily be the red tape that introduces us to the other side.

If I was to take into mind and be regardless of all facts ethical in the laws of the world ,we’re now the, your, we could see if he’d be what she’d be, or if they’d be what they’d be, we could easily look over the ferocious complexities that are not real to some, so if we include scale 20 and 40 also the scale levels that are the same ; the dream and dream level and the happy level and the happy until level.We would definitely see the source of the sky’s realms how ,because it is a natural cause law to believe in the world sky, the alibi would be dreams we’ll call this the afther life, I would like to promote the real source of happiness ,this cognitive, protrude I bet that I could see threw the mind if it wasn’t opened this is the eschatology factors.

Let this neverish glide be the brung forth method of thine source, if this servitude could be the beratic cloud the contosky would understand ,but the warning is that you bite the hand that feeds you, you live by the world rules or you per ‘cast until antonym measures ,I’ll let the "wordrous" be the ball point coincidence if the valance was the only thing stopping, this would be

heterogenis,but lets look at this situation one man believes in good his morals and ethics are great he receives the real diligent beliefs and he doesn’t play gambles, it seems as if he does know the freak of nature is the source he decides to go rob and kill not realizing so, his contosky dose this for human reasons but the laws will surpass and the conviction is deafth,he miss realizes that his spirits wants him to go rob and kill. Some say this is too test a human to see if he’s real to his self or god that is a misdirected statement this is meaning that it may be out of human control so they are forced into tribulations, this is where the blaterea comes into play, this will probly get most humans.

Now in reality I think every human has learned right from wrong it’s a guarantee to me that the human plays incompetent because of some spiritually foundation, it’s the case you could be by them and talk and they never seem to understand anything but in reality they do, they do this to set a example to their selves the spirit world and also who's around them, they may in reality look over the facts of caring about back ground records, this could be to control their showings ,it’s more of the way in which that the world was designed.

The source would soon say it’s the way they lived even if this is possible it’s the blaterea to me that the whole world is really like this but they try to hide these facts threw music and television if they don’t then you best believe the name never comes up ne'gartive in the news but, this could be prevaricated because too many humans are sticking with their basic rules and morals and are not at a need to change this is because. It’s basically because of the word because, it’s basically because the world was not designed for everything to be straight.

Now let’s rotate this chassis of spiritual nature of controlling multiple humans at one time we’ll look at this as a sexual case or a sexual situation.

Let’s say when the human who commits this sex is unaware of him sitting there thinking about the sex crime he’s about to commit.

so in other worlds I’m saying that if they did think that they must had bipolar or some other thinking disease so I’ll say they must need to write and or talk a lot about this. Now when this multiple controlling comes up we’ll say a male was lying in the bed and one of his friend s were on the floor he never thought about sex with this person or came on to them. We’ll say the mom or other family member is the one who was supposed to get controlled to come to the room to view this crime.

Now the male who usually doesn’t think, the spirit inside of him now feels “ :a: - look human I know that you can’t hear me but I’m feeling Horney for your friend over on the floor”.

We’ll say the natural cause that this spirit was using was the one where the human has to except, now the male moves over to his friend and while he’s sleep he pulls down his friend’s pants he move’s sexually inside his friend until he coma’s the spirit,the spirit feels relaxed let’s just say that this spirit at this time chose not to control another human to come and find him.

Now what the spirit gets to do is look over reality. In a lot of cases if the human never experience seeing into the mind or being by ones spirit who knows on the mind but is the kind that explored bringing other spirits to them when they’re right by them, not just bringing any spirit by them, they 99 % would have been the only spirit there which is the spirit that’s human is going through this.

I think this agenda is not to turn humans against their spirit or god, this is just amplified reality that some people never need’s to digest; that’s good, but it could also be alright to understand the world on a clairvoyant level, there are hundreds and thousands of books that goes into spiritual and eschatology profunctions, so it’s about having the ability to be willing to get into those educational books that are in these forms.

The legentus is there to help us not to hurt us. We need to decide what’s in the world because we are the world. This is about the laws of relativity, the composer demonstrates the un'genocide change this is the frequent that concludes the foremost barriers of the body if it was that in this lateral, I would conclude in a brief of emotion if this was the yield period it would end up surpassing the fake profit if I was you and you was me that would not be logically correct.

This is the profound way of understanding self it is the redertia that could levitate someone into forensics, these forensics are scotched in the phlebotomist of agendas this abscissa is the braid temperature, the shade of monocle collision is the phraseology and the contemptuous cloud ,if we’re in a longitudinal bubble would this be good or bad?

Could we recap everything with an instance or could we, just make way of the logics this is the next phase for this, it could be peer pressure it, could be the mathematical residual, and it could be in the order array. It is up to us to make a unique perspective in the unity of the premodest addiction, but the only reason to jeopardize unbelievably is the forcing of jeopardizing, which we will call proniety, so the forcing of jeopardizing is the proniety (pro-nigh-a-tee).This is the escalated jell, but it is probably the wrong moral. I could believe this prevernance, so the cold danger is the reality